Quesa was started by Dair Grant, although substantial amounts of code have since been contributed by other developers. The direction of Quesa is set by the steering committee members listed below.

Copyright to the source code of Quesa is shared between the developers who have contributed source code or resources to the project. Any patches contributed to Quesa are made with the understanding that copyright for the patch is transferred to the project as a whole.

The current Quesa steering committee members are, in alphabetical order:

José Cruanyes
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Dair Grant
Setting Sun icon
Setting Sun
Kevin Matthews
DesignWorkshop icon
Joseph Strout
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James W. Walker
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FrameForge™ 3D Studio

Developers who have also contributed to Quesa are, in alphabetical order:

Sauro Agostini
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Andrew Cunningham
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Miklos Fazekas
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Jeffrey Frey
THOR icon
Yotam Gingold
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Ken Grigsby
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Brian Hill
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Stefan Huber
Geo3D icon
Roger Holmes  /  Robin Landsbert
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Microspot Interiors
Ming Mah
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Fred Mandrea
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Philip McBride
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Paul Twohey
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Daniel Willmann
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Dan Zinngrabe
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Rob Zako
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If you've contributed to Quesa and your name isn't on this list, or if your entry needs updating, then let a steering committee member know.