Quesa Bugs

Quesa uses the SourceForge bug tracking system to manage bugs and track feature requests.

If you have encountered a bug in Quesa, or would like to log a feature request, please create a new item in the database.

Bug List (Obsolete)

Please note this section is obsolete - these bugs have not been migrated to the current SourceForge system, which is now the definitive list.

Medium00050 IR doesn't support specular colour/control at the vertex level.
Medium00053 Make use of kQ3XMethodTypeRendererIsBoundingBoxVisible method for culling and support in IR.
Medium00023 Geometries which are decomposed to TriMeshes fix the attribute data at the time of creation, should use the use array to allow renderers to update the attribute data with the current state to provide for inheritence.
Medium00024 QD3D viewer, doesn't let you rotate around model if running with Quesa.
Medium00033 IR, Light Test produces white geometry
Minor00001 Macintosh window draw contexts do not support clipping masks.
Minor00002 Pixmap window draw contexts do not support clipping masks.
Minor00008 Wireframe renderer doesn't support individual triangle colours for TriMeshes.
Minor00034 Viewer, about box button should display dialog on mouse up not mouse down.
Minor00035 Import Test, storage object not being disposed of somewhere.
Minor00036 Queeg, Quesa IR renders darker and flatter than QD3D IR.
Minor00037 Queeg, changing window size produces different image with Quesa than with QD3D.
Minor00039 Q3BoundingSphere_SetFromPoints3D and Q3BoundingSphere_SetFromRationalPoints4D return significantly incorrect results for some inputs. They are probably using an incorrect algorithm.
Minor00046 Pixmap/bitmap markers are culled by OpenGL if they are partially off-screen, should be clipped.
Minor00047 Wireframe renderer doesn't support pixmap/bitmap markers.
Possible00004 Q3BoundingSphere_SetFromRationalPoints4D, possible bug in QD3D 1.6 implementation.
Possible00006 Q3View_GetAttributeState, possible bug in QD3D 1.6 docs - correct behaviour not clear.
Possible00010 Wire elements, don't support IO. Also don't copy the QTAtomContainer, although the QD3D implementation might - docs on this element's behaviour are needed.
Possible00011 Q3View_Sync does not work correctly with QD3D interactive renderer, possible bug in QD3D 1.6 renderer.
Possible00041 Q3BoundingSphere_SetFromRationalPoints4D, possible bug in QD3D 1.6 implementation.
Possible00042 Q3Quaternion_SetRotateAboutAxis might be returning the conjugate of the correct result.
Possible00048 Verify all QD3D pixmap formats for Pixmap marker object, make sure they're converted correctly.