The Quesa logo is a sphere, a cone, and a torus: the intention was to have something reasonably 'Q'-like, which also reflected the 3D nature of the project.

The following images are the official logo renderings: you may use these images on your own web site (please don't link to these files - put a copy on your server) or within your product as you see fit.

Click a link to load the image into its own window, or drag them to your desktop to download (you may need to right-click on some platforms).

3DMF Logo

You can also download a 3DMF model of the logo, by dragging or right-clicking here.

Since QD3D has built-in support for spheres, cones, and torii the metafile can be quite small: the text format supplied here is less than 2K, while the more efficient binary format only requires 652 bytes.