Download packages are available from the Files area at SourceForge.

The most up-to-date Quesa source code is always available through svn on SourceForge. If you are interested in developing with Quesa, we recommend that you use the svn source rather than the latest snapshot to ensure you have the latest code. Here is how to do the initial checkout from a command line, creating the "quesa" directory within the current directory. The dot at the end is part of the command.

svn co .

Once you have completed the initial checkout, you can cd into the Quesa hierarchy and use svn up to check for further updates. There is a mailing list you can join to be notified when updates are available.

Installation Notes (General)

Quesa can be built as either a static or a shared library. Please see the Building Quesa page for more details of this process, include where to find any additional header files you may need to perform a build.

Installation Notes (Mac OS X)

Commonly, you would build Quesa as a Mach-O framework, which would then be placed in the Frameworks folder within the package hierarchy of the client application.

Installation Notes (Windows)

If Quesa is built as a DLL, it can be placed in the same directory as the client application.